The colours are red, black and white with some brown for the ground. There is a tipi in the distance and connected to it is a circle with 7 smaller circles inside that represent the 7 sacred teachings of the Lakota people. There is a red path leading from the tipi to the holy woman who is holding up a bundle. Behind her are 2 men. 1 is lifting his arms to the woman. The other is turning to bones and ashes because of his bad thoughts.
Colleen Gray

The Gift - Art Card

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Story: A beautiful woman once came to two hunters from a holy place. She was a Wakan Woman, a holy woman. The man who had terrible thoughts about what he would do to the woman was quickly punished. The other was told to return to the village and make a place for her. She returned with a Sacred Bundle and The Gift of the Sacred Pipe and the Seven Sacred Rites of the Pipe were given to The People. She is the White Buffalo Calf Woman and her wisdom is the wisdom of The Creator.

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