Art Posters

Earth Aware


Inspired Posters - Laminated 18x24"
The Art For Aid Project believes that public spaces like schools, shelters, arenas or anywhere people gather, are vehicles to inform people about the state of the Earth’s health and the importance of its care.
With these posters we hope to empower people with knowledge through beauty, and through the sharing of traditional Indigenous values. We hope to invite critical thinking and Earth awareness. Art For Aid founder Colleen Gray uses art sales to put art supplies into the hands of remote Indigenous youth in Canada.

“My art is used to put art supplies into young hands and to remind people to love our only home. I believe in the power of art to bring healing to people’s lives. But everything begins and ends with having the tools to create.” Art For Aid’s mission is to equip schools with quality art supplies. Proceeds from these posters will support this work.

Earth Aware posters are 18x24". They are laminated and durable, able to wake up a boring industrial wall with a beautiful message. 18x24" posters are $65.00 each and can be ordered here through the Art For Aid Shop. Volume pricing is available for orders over 10 units. (The Copywrite text visible here on the Shop is not on the art image you receive.)