Inspired Laminated Poster - 18x24 - Trees
Inspired Laminated Poster - 18x24 - Trees
Colleen Gray

Inspired Laminated Poster - 18x24 - Trees

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The Earth Inspired poster series is made for public places like arenas and schools, libraries, washrooms, or anywhere that laminated art can be an asset to hiding the dents and bangs of every public day use.

The posters are designed to bring attention to the importance of caring for the Earth. We use art to draw the attention of people passing by, and the positive message serves to bring awareness. Laminated posters are washable, durable and can be put up and taken down on any surface.

The fascinating art created by Colleen Gray is fuel for the imagination and ignites plenty of conversation. The purpose behind the creation of these beautiful posters is to help meet the need for Indigenous understanding in public spaces.

All items in our store help us to continue supplying remote Indigenous schools with quality art supplies.