Canadian Shield landscape in spring along a lake. Sparse trees and rocky terrain with 3 tipis set along the shoreline. Colours are tones of brown. Shape is rectangular.
There is a bare tipi with just the poles has ribbons blowing in the wind at the top of the poles. The landscape is treed and the grassy with the tipi sitting on the shore of a lake. The words are written in the area where the clouds become the background with the rolling and hilly landscape beneath. It is rectangular in shape.
Land Acknowledgement Statement Plaque (OVERVIEW - SEE ALL VARIATIONS)
Land Acknowledgement Statement Plaque (OVERVIEW - SEE ALL VARIATIONS)
Colleen Gray

Land Acknowledgement Statement Plaque (OVERVIEW - SEE ALL VARIATIONS)

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A Land Acknowledgement Statement offers open respect for Indigenous people who have loved and nurtured the land for many generations. Land Acknowledgement statements are in line with the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations. These plaques are Gatorboard mounted with a hanging slot at the back. The art used is nostalgic and soothing to look at.

The territory name on the plaque can be changed to reflect a specific territory on Turtle Island (North America)

*Gator Board is an extruded polystyrene foam encased between layers of a melamine and wood fibre veneer. It has a much harder outer surface than other foam core boards and resists warping.

Spring Thaw - is 20.25"W x 8"H - $55.00
Poles – is 18.25"W x 8.5"H - $55.00    

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