Image of Title: Once Upon A Time On The Shield 16x20 archival print by Metis Artist Colleen Gray Indigenous Canadian Art Work. Horizontal. Landscape. For sale at
Colleen Gray

Once Upon A Time On The Shield - ** 16X20 archival Print

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** This is a rectangular piece (3x8") that gives a lot of white space above and below the image but it can be reproduced on 16X20 archival paper.

Once Upon A Time On The Shield.
If the stones on the great Canadian Shield could speak, they might tell the story of a family who had a beautiful home by the lake. The family would smoke whitefish and pick fat blueberries. Trade was fine and the world was made of hard work and good stories.

NOTE: ALL prints have a white border around the outside of the image, to provide white space to compliment your framing. Prints are ready to drop into a 16x20" frame.

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