Polar Bear King - 16x20 archival print - digital slice
Colleen Gray

Polar Bear King - 16x20 archival print - digital slice

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No anger came to him as he watched his home change in the midst of the Great Warming. This is the way is has always been. Our homes belong to our Mother the Earth. She waxes and wanes, she knows joy and suffering. She knows us and loves us in a way that only she can understand.
No anger came to him. The Two Leggeds are like young children, forgetting what a Mother’s love and sacrifice are worth until they’re reminded.

What is a "digital slice"? A digital slice is when I have taken a small piece from one of my paintings and created a unique piece of art from it using a graphic design program to create it. 

NOTE: ALL prints have a white border around the outside of the image, to provide white space to compliment your framing. Prints are ready to drop into a 16x20" frame.

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