Image of Title: Sky Woman Comes to Earth archival print by Metis Artist Colleen Gray Indigenous Canadian Art Work. Horizontal. For sale at
Colleen Gray

Sky Woman Comes To The Earth - 16x20 archival print

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Story: Sky woman heard weeping from the place of the Creator’s Two Legged children. She could not understand this sound. She had not heard weeping like this before. As she listened harder, she could hear many prayers, and then came to understand that the terrible weeping she heard was not made from the voices of the Two Leggeds but it came from the heart of the Great Earth Mother. Sky Woman decided she would go down to this place and see what all the crying was about.

NOTE: ALL prints have a white border around the outside of the image, to provide white space to compliment your framing. Prints are ready to drop into a 16x20" frame.

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