A person is laying on the ground dreaming with a decorated blanket covering his body. His essence seeps into the ground through the roots of trees. At the lower part of the painting there are trees and water that are connecting to the person through the dream time.
Colleen Gray

The Dreaming Blanket - 16x20 archival print

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Story:  He had been gone for so long. He missed the sounds of his home, the joy of his children. He missed the warmth of the woman who held his heart, the smell of the rain, and the laughter of the lake. Laying on the ground in his warm robe, he gave himself over to the trees and the Dreamtime, and his spirit followed the roots back to his home.

NOTE: ALL prints have a white border around the outside of the image, to provide white space to compliment your framing. Prints are ready to drop into a 16x20" frame.

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