The sky is in shades of deep purple and dark blue with a big silver moon in the sky. There is an eagle, bear, sasquatch, wolf, buffalo, turtle and beaver in the image all gravitating to the spirit who is calling them to impart the teachings that they will bring to the human beings. This is a limited edition print run of 8 units.
Colleen Gray

7 Grandfather Teachings - 16x20 "LIMITED EDITION ARCHIVAL PRINT" - SOLD OUT!

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Story: When time was a child, the Creator brought 7 teachings for the Two-leggeds of Turtle Island. The Creator wanted to show the people how to live a good and fulfilling life. To live in this way is to honour all of creation, and our Mother the Earth. A Spirit Helper gathered the 7 Sacred Teachings and gave them to the Earth’s creatures to guard and share with the human beings.

Love would be carried by the Eagle

Respect would be carried by the Buffalo

Courage would be carried by the Bear,

Truth would be carried by the Turtle

Honesty would be carried by Sabe

Humility would be carried by the Wolf

Wisdom would be carried by the Beaver


This is a very limited run of 8 signed archival quality prints on fine art paper (200 years light fast). This image will not be reproduced beyond the 8 limited edition prints. 100% of the proceeds support Art for Aid. Package includes a signed archival quality print on superior quality fine art paper, Certificate of Authenticity, 2 copies of the accompanying story, and the artist's biography.

Unframed 16 x 20" - note: professional framing options are available for an additional cost. This will increase shipping costs. Email Colleen at

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