Land Acknowledgement Plaques

The land acknowledgement statement* is a first step in recognizing the importance of the land and it's connection to the First Peoples of Canada. It offers open respect for Indigenous people who have loved and nurtured the land for many generations, but it is only a first step towards further actions that need to be taken.

These wonderfully artistic acknowledgement plaques are created using durable Gatorboard mounting with a routered hanging channel at the back of the plaque. We offer a personal/home version, and a business plaque.

These Land Acknowledgements meet the Truth and Reconciliation's "Call To Action" mandate, are wonderful to look at, soothing and nostalgic. 

The land acknowledgement statement acknowledges in real time, the First Peoples of this continent and the land they hold dear. You speak in the present to acknowledge the original caretakers of the land and by respecting the present, you are respect the past. 

Words are not enough...
Actions have to back up your statement - setting a plaque on the wall is a good start, but it isn’t enough. Develop a working relationship with the Indigenous people whose territory you are residing or operating on. Learn who they are, what their history is, stand with them to advocate for positive change and education. Ask questions. Engage. Be an ally. Learn how you can give back locally to programs that benefit the people whose land you’re on. Become part of the solution to restoring the cultural balance of the people.

Plaques are special order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
Plaque wording is tailored by default for Algonquin Territory. Please select the Customized Plaque if you wish the words to reflect a different territory or treaty area and contact us at