Volunteers are the oxygen of any project! It's Volunteer Week!

Colleen Gray

Volunteer Week April 24-30, 2022

Words are insufficient things when you work with volunteers who give of themselves to communities they might never visit, to people they may never encounter.

They gladly offer up, the greatest commodity in existence - time. We hear people say “You have all this time, why don’t you volunteer?” But how true is this? How much time do we really have to spare when life demands so much of us - when the life-pace is blistering. If we’re not careful, nurturing those things that allow us to be good humans can become unimportant or without priority in our lives.

A volunteer rises above this truth and commits to helping, but this is not without cost. Volunteers sacrifice time with families and pets; they sometimes sacrifice their self-care to ensure a need is met. They often step up to the gas tank having refused my paying for their fuel to do a pickup. They have used their own credit cards to support items needed to complete a shipment to a remote community. Volunteers share your posts, celebrate your victories and issue immediate and purposeful plans of action when things have gone awry. I could never operate efficiently without them.

What volunteers bring to any effort is without measure because their effort comes from that deep place within the very heart of a good person.

As for me, well, I’ve always been a helper in the world and I will tell you that there is an energy that exists among helpers that is almost palpable when a group is working for the greater good of a meaningful cause. I’ve volunteered from the age of 5 when I first accompanied my Mother on campaigns to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. I handed out little yellow daffodils and learned about sharing and caring in my community. I listened to stories like when a neighbour had just lost a foot and could we send one of my brothers to shovel the roof off, or how a Mrs over by Molson’s hill could use a friendly visit and some banana bread this week.

Volunteering is an entire culture of doing good work that has a deep and quiet pride in it. It has tremendous benefits of all sorts, and far reaching effects on society’s efforts to care for one another. Volunteering opens doors and helps to build effective communication among caring people who are becoming more informed, more supportive and better people because they’re helpers.

There is just no way you can go wrong by volunteering for something you believe in that benefits humanity and the animal nation.

So turn off the television. Put down the phone.
Talk to a volunteer and ask they why they do it. 

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