This birthday card bundle is 12 beautiful cards with the animal representative on the outside cover and the relative attributes of the animal on the inside of the card with ample room for your message. The colours are vibrant and Indigenously influenced.
The inside of the card contains interesting information about the sort of person a Bear person might be. It also includes personality traits, compatible plants, minerals and colours along with some other fun information about you and the animal you are born under. There is a lovely image on the bottom of the page that mirrors the front of the card.
The Birthday Card Bundle
Colleen Gray

The Birthday Card Bundle

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The Birthday Card Bundle is a unique way to recognize birthdays all year long while exploring different aspects of our life and habits in a fun and interesting way. The information is compiled from various sources that recognize the influence of animals and their traits as they correspond with our date of birth - truly a unique way to honour someone's birthday. This bundle covers all 12 months of the year. Interesting details are printed on the inside using high quality card stock with ample room to write your message inside. Envelopes are included and the bundle is beautifully decorated.

Animal totem birthday cards

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