This card has a flowy stylized image of a bird in profile view. There is a human's face tucked beneath the beak of the bird - it is a person wearing a bird costume. Birds are flying out from the body of the person and into the horizon as though the body is creating the birds. The colours are dark blue, black and red. The background is mottled light brown. There is a square border around the image made up of dots. The dots are Morse Code and they say SOS.
Colleen Gray

Sacred Flight

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Story: The Creator of All Things saw a vision of a brilliantly coloured sky one day and thought that the colours might be a wonderful gift to give to his Children. Drawing a great breath He sighed the colours, and with His hand, He cast the colours into the sky and bade them fly that his children might know the beauty of His world.

The framework around the image contains Morse Code with the message: "S.O.S."

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