Sequoia Story Tree - Bookmark
Colleen Gray

Sequoia Story Tree - Bookmark

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The spirits gave the stories to the trees for safe keeping, for the roots of all trees spoke to the roots of all trees. A young tree showed a story to a passing spirit of things that had happened here.

A Trickster had come and there was war on the land. A Great Messenger of peace spoke with the pipes and the people. Arrows were broken in a sign of peace and the people felt the healing of their hearts. There was abundance and warmth in the lives of the children once more.

The roots of all trees speak to the roots of all trees.

Artist's notation:
The footprints at the base of the tree are Coyote, the Trickster. A Trickster can make things very confusing and create conflict. They bring understanding in the guise of confusion.
Above are arrows in 2 directions - the symbol of war.
Above the arrows, the Crow - sacred messenger and the keeper of sacred law.
Above the crow are the 2 pipes that were smoked.
Further up the tree, the arrows of war were broken in a sign of friendship.
The sun is tucked behind the leaves above the arrows- better times.
The footprint of the bear - the great healer - represents the healing of the people.
At the top, the mountains - a representative of abundance.

Each art collector bookmark has the story on the back along with the artist's biography brief. They are professionally printed on high gloss, heavy stock paper and are an ideal gift.

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