Image of Title: Stealer of Gold Bookmark by Metis Artist Colleen Gray Indigenous Canadian Art Work.   Raven with gold in beak. For sale at
Stealer of Gold - Bookmark
Colleen Gray

Stealer of Gold - Bookmark

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(A conversation between the Creator and a young raven.)

"Why do your children love the golden stone so much? I have seen them kill for it and die for it. I have stolen their stone and taken their power. Creator I am only a young raven who must know why."

"The golden stone is but a stone. It holds no power until power is given, but the stone is no fool. It will accept the pedestal on which it is placed, and when it is time to leave, the stone will simply leave."

Each art collector bookmark has the story on the back along with the artist's biography brief. They are professionally printed on high gloss, heavy stock paper and are an ideal gift.

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