Image of 16X20 archival print: The Underground by Metis Artist Colleen Gray Indigenous Canadian Art Work.  The image is unusual. There is a creature at the entrance of a cave. Overhead there are trees and the landscape is forested and rich. There is a soft blue and purple abstract sky and the tones of the earth and cave are olive green, multiple shades of brown. There is a dark brown and olive green border around the outside of the image that would stand as a mat border. For sale at
Colleen Gray

The Underground - 16x20 archival print

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The Little People move through our world hidden and elusive, hiding among the shadows and playing mischievous games. They hide things, tricks us and, are seen often from the corner of the eye in the deep forest. It is said that if you are kind to them, they will care for your family in troubled times.

This is a "digital slice" image. The artist has taken a section from one of her paintings and has digitally manipulated the slice to create this unique image.