Mother Earth is walking through the water. She is visible from the chest up and in a left facing profile. Her hair is wild and spinning out all over the place. Her robe is pale brown with blue flowers. Her face is haggard and worn from the worry she is carrying.
Colleen Gray

The Weight of the World - 16x20 archival print

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Story: Our Mother the Earth is worn and living through the burden of our reckless creation without end. The trees and flowers hunger for love and comfort, the water and the earth seek pity from a source that has no soul and no time for learning. (Inconvenient nature). Our Mother the Earth gives more, ever more, out of love and devotion as she always has, as she always will. 

NOTE: ALL prints have a white border around the outside of the image, to provide white space to compliment your framing. Prints are ready to drop into a 16x20" frame.

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