Indigenously Decorated Notecard Packages

Colleen Gray

A wonderful gift. Our notecard packages are a popular item as people come to realize how important it is to connect beyond the electronic age. It’s a wonderful feeling to get a beautiful note from someone delivered through the mail; it’s tactile and meaningful in a way that electronic communication cannot deliver.

The Embellishment:

The Art for Aid Project believes strongly in the educational component of art. The notecards are decorated with a lovely embellishment that contains a bundle of lavender to represent love and kindness, a bit of sage to represent the Earth, our only home, a miniature abalone shell to represent the water and the source of all life, and a feather to represent the sky and the infinite possibilities of the greater universe. The accompanying logo tag offers a small teaching about the importance of these medicines and why Indigenous people use them. We do not use glue on our embellishments, only knots and sinew.

The Ribbon:

The colourful ribbon is designed to match the cover card that can be seen through the clear lid. We can customize the ribbons to match any event. If the ribbon is cut at the corner of the package, the entire embellishment falls away and can be placed on a small wall nail for display or used to decorate a gift in a “pay-it-forward” gesture.

The Notecards

There are 8 notecards and envelopes per package with 2 cards from the art selection. The inside cover of each card contains the story for that piece of art. A faded watermark of the art is on the facing blank page ready for your note to be written.

We have carefully crafted our collections to reflect themes that are popular and enjoyed by all.

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